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Google ‘guitar lessons’ and you’ll get over 14 MILLION results…

With all those resources available, you’d think it’d be easier than ever to learn music. But sometimes it feels more like there are 14 million distractions from the road you really want to go down.

About Profile

There's no shortage of voices online telling you what you should be practicing, whether that’s scales, speed picking, music theory, arpeggios, fingerpicking, improvisation, ear training…

Here’s what I believe:

There can never be a one-size-fits-all approach to learning music. The only way to become the musician you want to be is to be guided by your own taste. That’s why I created this site. To help you learn the skills you need to explore the music that fascinates you.

So, who am I?

My name is Just and I'm a guitar player living in Rotterdam. I’ve been teaching for over ten years and love it when I can spark someone’s enthusiasm with just the right nudge, insight or advice. I studied jazz and pop music at one of the top music schools in the Netherlands and graduated with honours about two years ago. I also wrote a really geeky thesis on how to teach music, which ignored pretty much every school guideline, but my teachers still thought it was an example for every thesis to come... (wish I was kidding, insert modesty here).

I play in a few bands, including an indie-jazz band, which won a grant last year. Our debut album came out just a few months ago, here's a sneak preview of the record:

I also write and perform music for theatre, teach awesome students in my private practice, and do studio jobs every now and then. One of my favourites: the 20 seconds I played for this amazing video mapping project for BOSE (at 2:40):

But I might be most excited about the indie rock band I got together called Exit Bloom.

Exit Bloom - So They Say

This is the band I’ve wanted to be in ever since I was eighteen. It was a long journey before I could ever create music I truly liked and was proud of. Oh, the embarrassing recordings I could show you...

When I’m not playing guitar or writing music, I love to travel, drink Belgian beer (those guys know what they’re doing...) and I’ll watch pretty much anything that has zombies or superheroes in it. And any cat videos people send me of course. (Favourite, right here)

Anyway, enough about me, great to have you here! I want to know what’s going on with you! Whether you’ve just been playing for a few days, or you’ve been chasing the rockstar-dream for over a decade. What’s your story and what are you struggling with?

Send me a message at Just (at) StringKick.com and let’s talk!

Ps: If you're based in the Netherlands, read more about taking private lessons here (in English) or here (in Dutch)!

Pps: Read more about what I'm doing right now.