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What I'm working on right now?

I'm at home in my appartment in Rotterdam, dividing my time over a few projects.

This Site
StringKick is all about giving you the tools to take charge of your own musical development. I want you to be able to explore music, guided by your own taste! So, I’ve stuck over 200 post-its to my wall, planning out all the skills you might want to learn. This might turn into a learning road map at some point, but for now it’s a great way to plan out which articles I’ll be writing this year. I’ve already have a few drafts lying around on guitar improvisation, playing better solos, collaborating with a band or songwriter (and keeping the creative flow going) and rhythm guitar. If there’s anything you’re dying to read about, let me know! Just (at)

Exit Bloom
I released an EP with my band Exit Bloom a few months ago, which has been both a fun and informative experience. I'm finishing up an animated video (a remix from an animator from Toronto, very cool) and we're working on new songs.

Other Things
Re-reading Sandro Veronesi’s ‘Quiet Chaos’ before I start reading his latest book featuring the same main character. Also been listening to Ear Hustle, a podcast about prison life, produced by prisoners.